Friday, March 04, 2011

Can I Get A Hot Tub?

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You've seen this State Farm commercial, right?

It's amusing. A baseball flies through your window, and all of a sudden you get a hot tub, a sandwich, and the girl from 4E. Simply sing a jingle, and poof, you find out what your State Farm agent can do for you. Apparently, this State Farm agent runs an escort service, deli and a hot tub store. Very convenient.

We had a shower leak recently and all our insurance company gave us was some money towards the repairs. I guess I should have switched to State Farm so that I could have got a hoagie.


hot tub said...

Yeah! I think you should have switched to State Farm. They're really great and I also like them. Maybe it still not too late to switch, isn't it? Good luck to you!

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dannymortimer said...

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