Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl Game Day Links & Videos for Steelers Fans

Are you spending the day just sitting in front of your computer and television waiting for Super Bowl XLV to begin? I'm here to provide some assistance to help you pass some of the time until kick-off:

Cotter put together an epic preview. [One For The Other Thumb]

You need some Myron Cope sound bites to get you pumped up.

There is an incredible list of Steelers fight songs on the Steelers in Hoboken website.

While I approve of the Troy Polamalu tribute, why a Florida State license plate? [Yahoo]

Great pictures of the Terrible Towel all over the world. [Mondesi's House]

Need a recipe for today? Check out the "ltimate Football Foodie Super Bowl Recipe Guide for Steelers-Packers Party 2011." [Sarah Sprague]

The DC Fox station visited the Steelers and Packers bars that are only feet away from each other. DC Steeler Nation came across much better in the video. When asked what the Packers need to do to beat the Steelers, the Packers fan (at just after the 2:30 mark of the video) replied, "Packer Nation is going to forget about Brett Favre." Um, that wasn't the question! In addition, the Packers fans won't even be at the Packer bar on Sunday. BOOOOOOO!

Steelers and Packers Fans Make Super Bowl Destinations in DC:

If you enter #steelernation of Twitter, you can make a Terrible Towel wave [Twerrible Towel]

A little self-promotion. If you didn't see my interview with Steeler Nation: Israel or the panel of Steelers superstitions, you should. You can also read them again!

Finally, watch the video for Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow over and over.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Haha, I did a similar thing ... not so much "pump up" as "be ironic":

Atlanta Roofing said...

love both of them. but honestly if ur saying defense wins championships, u hav to be saying the steelers. defensively, steelers has the slight edge. they are no. 1, packers are number TWO. offense, packers hav the edge, with the great passing game, but without the running game they are a one trick pony now, especially against the steelers run defense. and clay matthews is a great playmaker, but hes nowhere near troy polamalu yet. and steelers hav the experience advantage, i say steelers 24-20.