Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament: Final Four

Welcome to the Final Four round of the 3rd annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament! Just reaching this portion of the tournament is a huge accomplishment, and I hope that Pirates Prospects, Raise the Jolly Roger, PensBurgh and Steelers Depot enjoyed cutting down the nets.

Voting for the final four round begins now and will run until 9:00 PM Eastern time tomorrow (3/1).

Johnny Ray Division Champion: Pirates Prospects vs. John Cullen Division Champion: Raise the Jolly Roger

Carlton Haselrig Division Champion: PensBurgh vs. Jerome Lane Division Champion: Steelers Depot

Once again, thanks to Cotter for designing the fantastic logo.

Thanks for voting and for supporting all of the great blogs in this tournament! Oh, the Championship will be a special three day event running on Wednesday, 3/2 through Friday, 3/4. Mark your calendars!

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