Friday, June 25, 2010

Express Fail

I've shared how much I enjoy reading Express, a publication of The Washington Post, during my morning commute. However, I got upset after reading this article from Wednesday about Kennywood:

If you don't want to enlarge the article, the first line states, "Though Philadelphia is a city built on steel, some of the most sought-after attractions in it are actually made of wood." While this statement may be true, there is one major problem: the article highlights Kennywood Park located in PITTSBURGH (technically West Mifflin), 300 miles west of Philadelphia!

To be fair to Express, the article was written by Jennifer Yates of AP. However, longer versions of this article published on Yahoo, USA Today and ABC all correctly identify Pittsburgh. Therefore, I put the blame on Express.

I wrote Express on Wednesday notifying them of the error, but the paper did not issue a correction in the Thursday or Friday edition. Therefore, I feel like it is my responsibility to share Express' mistake with the world. In the future, if Express needs a Pittsburgh consultant, I am happy to help.

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