Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: TV Character Edition

Before Trivia Tuesday commences, I have a few housekeeping items. First, congratulations to Johanna for winning the New Ramblings Giveaway contest courtesy of CSNStores.com. In case you're wondering, Johanna wrote that her favorite drink is iced coffee or an iced Americano or a Bloody Mary or a Gin and Tonic. Four favorite drinks seems like a few too many.

Next, please note the "LiLu for MTV TJ badge" at the top right of this blog. I met LiLu at a Happy Hour of DC Bloggers several years ago and am a huge fan of her blog. Anyway, MTV contacted LiLu to become a contestant in their TJ (Twitter Jockey) contest. I'm sure that I'll write more about this in the upcoming weeks, but please support LiLu.

On to the trivia. Your challenge this week is to identify the famous TV characters based on the actor's name and years that the show ran. We need both the first and last name.

1. Ian McShane, 2004-2006

2. Kiefer Sutherland, 2001-2010

3. James Gandolfini, 1999-2007

4. Carroll O'Connor, 1971-1983

5. Dennis Franz, 1993-2005

6. Matthew Fox, 2004-2010

7. Hugh Laurie, 2004-2010

8. Richard Dean Anderson, 1985-1992

9. Dustin Diamond, 1989-1993

10. Michael J. Fox, 1982-1989

As always please leave your answers in the comments section below and do not use the internet for your search. Good luck!

This quiz is courtesy of Stump Trivia.


neena said...

1. Al Something
2. Jack Bauer
3. Tony Soprano
4. Archie Bunker
5. Sgt. Sipowitz
6. Jack Shepherd
7. Gregory House
8. MacGyver
9. Screech
10. Alex Keaton

Gilahi said...

Ha. Ian McShane played one of my all-time favorite characters: Lovejoy. The books are better than the TV show was, though.

Wv: drawe - How Dan Quayle spells "draw".

rachaelgking said...

You just made my month. Thank you so, so much Sean!!!

Sean said...

I'm not giving answers yet, but I want to point out that we're looking for first and last names. This is especially important for questions 8 & 9.

LiLu - You're welcome! I'm happy to help.

Brendon said...

9. Samuel "Screech" Powers

That's the only one I know.

Unknown said...

1. Al Swearingin (spelling?)
5. Andy Sipowicz
8. Larry MacGyver (no clue, just making crap up)

Gobo said...

MacGyver's first name is Angus.

I think Screech Powers' real first name was Harold.