Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fantasy World Cup League

I’ve probably mentioned my addition to fantasy leagues in the past. Besides the traditional fantasy football and baseball leagues, I also participate in fantasy hockey leagues, the Ted Marshall Open Television Death Pool (essentially a TV fantasy league), and sadly, a Rock of Love fantasy league. With the World Cup only one week away, I figured that I would start a World Cup fantasy league.

Therefore, I invite you to join the Polamalu on Roster=US Victory group. Don’t know anything about international soccer? Who cares! This is for fun and we won’t judge you (unless you somehow manage to pick Canada to win it all, which would be extremely difficult since they are not 1 of the 32 teams...and because Sidney Crosby isn’t on the team).

Just go to the Yahoo World Cup group page, click join an existing group, and enter the group ID# (19911) and password (troy43).

By the way, if Polamalu was a soccer player instead of a football player, he would be a dominant defender. Wayne Rooney wouldn't have a chance against Troy!


Messiah said...

I joined. I didn't realize you needed to pick the winner of every single game. Shouldn't it be a guess as to which countries move on to the next rounds?

Sean said...

Messiah - Isn't it more fun to try to pick the winner of the Slovenia/Algeria game?