Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

Very random edition of Trivia Tuesday this week. Good luck!

1. How do you pronounce pecan? P-can, P-khan, or another way?

2. According to Express, where is Kennywood Park located? (I’m not letting this go.)

3. How much am I now paying for my daily commute?

4. For folks in the DC area, have you eaten at Ray's Hell Burger? If so, how is it?

5. Name the two third basemen that have hit more home runs at this position than Chipper Jones.

6. Sharks have a week dedicated to him. Who is the "him" referenced in this statement?

7. What politician/politician's office is curiously following me on Twitter?

8. Is it possible to order mahi instead of mahi mahi?

9. Is next season the last of The Office since Steve Carell is leaving?

10. Name the Prime Minister of Canada.

As always please leave your answers in the comments section below. In addition, please do not use the internet for answers (except for #7). Good luck!


Hand of Godard said...

1. I pronounce it both ways depending on how it's being used in a sentence. Usually, it's p-khan.
2. Philadelphia
3. $2.25
4. I'm not in the DC area, but I heard about this place on some Food Network show and I want to go.
5. Jeff Kent and Bobby Bonilla
6. Jaws
7. Bob Packwood
8. Yeah, but you'll just get the same thing.
9. No
10. Robert Hamilton

neena said...

So random!
1. I was raised to say P-can, though I prefer P-khan.
2. Philthadephia. Which is obviously wrong.
3. $7.50
4. I have! It's awesome! It's also across the street from my office, so let me know if you ever want to get lunch.
5. ?
6. The most interesting man in the world.
8. Sure, but it'd be wrong.
9. Nope
10.Steven Harper

Sean said...

Thanks Hand of Godard & Neena for participating this week! I'll give you the answers where there is a definite answer.

3. I'm paying $10.10 daily now to go to and from work. I'm not happy about this.
5. Mike Schmidt & Matt Williams
7. House Minority Leader John Boehner.
10. Harper