Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Links

I had big plans last night to write a post or two that I think will be fun. However, I ended up spending the entire evening watching the end of season one of The Wire thanks to Netflix and the next to last episode of Lost. So instead of reading words of wisdom and magic from me, I thought I would pass on some interesting links from throughout the internet.

- A touching tribute to Erica Blasberg. [Yahoo's Devil Ball Golf]

- What happens to celebrities in the afterlife? [The D.C. Universe]

- Besides the most livable city, Pittsburgh also made many other lists. [PittGirl on Pittsburgh Magazine]

- Seth recaps every game of the 2009-2010 Penguins season. [Empty Netters]

- Top Chef is coming to DC. Without knowing anything about anyone on the show, I'm rooting for Kelly Liken who is from Pittsburgh but now lives in Vail, Colorado. [DCist]

- Behind the Steel Curtain talks with Merril Hoge [BTSC Part I; Part II]

- Great life advice even if given in a dream. [Restaurant Refugee]

- Since it looks like the Pirates will have another under .500 season, why not look ahead to the future. Specifically, a preview of the Venezuelan Summer League Pirates. []

- Finally, I made my writing debut on Blogcritics sharing thoughts as a soccer referee. It was interesting having someone edit my posts. [Blogcritics]

P.S. Maybe tomorrow is the day when my post title doesn't include a day of the week.


nichole said...

When I first started blogging I named all the posts after movies and TV shows...that lasted a couple of months and then went by the wayside

Sean said...

Nichole - My problem is just that I'm not original when it comes to titles. Today is a perfect example. It is Wednesday and I wanted to share links. Therefore, Wednesday Links!

Krista said...

I went to summer camp with Kelly Liken.