Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...welcome to a brand new Trivia Tuesday! Your challenge this week is to identify the (in)famous people known by three names. Think Anthony Michael Hall or Billy Bob Thornton though they are not the answers. And we’re off:

1. 1970s serial killer who dressed as “Pogo the Clown.”

2. A 90 year old Supreme Court Justice who recently announced his retirement.

3. Guitarist who first charted in 1983 with “Pride and Joy.”

4. Early rock musician who was billed along with his “Pimpin’ Piano.”

5. Actor who portrayed Howard Hughes, Ty Cobb and Agent K.

6. American citizen captured in 2001 while fighting with the Taliban.

7. First overall selection in the 1980 NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors.

8. Blond rocker front man who hosted a short-lived morning show on many of Howard Stern’s former stations.

9. Achy-breaky country musician whose album “Some Gave All” was the best selling album of 1992.

10. 21-year President of the International Olympic Committee who passed away recently.

As always, please leave your answers in the comments section below and don’t use the internet for your search. Good luck!

This quiz is courtesy of the fine folks at Stump Trivia.


Nichole Fisher said...

1. Don't all serial killers have three names? John Wayne Gacy

2. John Paul Stevens

8. David Lee Roth

9. Billy Ray Cyrus

10. Juan Antonio Samaranch

Anonymous said...

3. Stevie Ray Vaughan
4. Jerry Lee Lewis
5. Tommy Lee Jones

Brendon said...

1. John Wayne Gacy
3. Stevie Ray Vaughan
4. Jerry Lee Lewis
5. Tommy lee Jones

I have no idea on the other ones.

Gobo said...

7. Micheal Ray Richardson?

10. Juan Antonio Samaranch

Unknown said...

6. John Walker Lynch
7. Something Barry Carroll, Jon? Jerry...something like that.

I really hope his name was Jerry Barry

Sean said...

Answer time:

1. Everyone seems to know their serial killers. In this case, everyone is Nichole and Hand of Godard.

2. Nichole is correct, though I'm 110% positive that Gobo would have answered this correctly if he wanted to

3. Anonymous is on the board. (Do you really need to be anonymous for answering trivia questions?)

4. I'll give this to the non-anonymous Hand of Godard.

5. I would have also accpted Al Gore's roommate.

6. Ngewo is on the board.

7. Joe Barry Carrol. Ngewo, you get credit for being close enough.

8. & 9. Nichole is correct.

10. Gobo and Nichole are correct.

Thanks for playing this week's Trivia Tuesday! Enjoy your parting gifts!