Thursday, May 06, 2010

TMI Thursday: Little Things I Can’t Do Without

There are certain items that I need nearly every day. Sure, my keys, wallet, and cell phone are at the top of the list, but I’m referring to the following little things that probably wouldn't occur to you:

- Lip balm/ChapStick/Blistex: Whatever you want to call it, I always carry one of these. My dry lips require, no deserve, moisture.

- Shoehorn: I must have a shoehorn when I wear my soccer cleats. Without one, not only do I struggle getting my feet into the cleats, but I tend to destroy the back portion of shoe. I also need a shoehorn for some of my “dress shoes.” It hurts my feet trying to slip on the shoes with the hard impenetrable backs.

- Kleenex/Toilet Paper: This may seem obvious but I use one of these for a different purpose. I use a piece of Kleenex or toilet paper to dry the inside of my ears after showers. I can’t deal with wet ears.

- Bathroom reading material: I can live without reading material when using the office restroom, but when I’m home, I need to have a book, magazine or newspaper when I really need to go. As a last resort, I have been known to read the washing instructions or my pants and underwear.

- My Swiss Army Knife Toothpick: I received a Swiss Army Knife as a Bar Mitzvah gift several years ago (OK, several several years ago). Included with this knife is what I think was intended to be a sturdy, plastic toothpick. These days, I use this toothpick to help clean my shaving razors.

What little items can you not live without?

Sadly, LiLu no longer organizes TMI Thursdays. but you can always click here to see my TMI Thursday archives.


Brendon said...

I am in the same boat as far as bathroom reading material. I have a magazine rack next to the toilet just in case I forget to bring whatever book I'm reading with me. At work, I take my iPod Touch with me and play games.

Sean said...

Thanks Hand of Godard. I'm glad that I'm not alone!