Friday, May 21, 2010

Lost Predictions

This Sunday marks the final episode of Lost. I consider myself a fan of the show, but I missed significant parts of both the first and second seasons. While there are times when I feel lost (pun intended and not intended at the same time), I don’t feel the need to go back to watch the episodes I missed. With that written, I know how the show is going to end. I don’t have any inside information from Co-Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof; I just know how the show will end.

One of the thousands of unanswered questions is the identity of David's mother in the "sideways" world. David is the son of Jack (Matthew Fox). There has been speculation that the mother is Juliet, but I have a different theory. David's mother is really Anna, the leader of the Visitors.

That's right, David is half-man, half-alien/lizard, and the fact that Jack got together with Anna is the reason why he is the chosen one. The Man in Black/Smoke Monster may seem unstoppable, but he is no match for the aliens or Jack, the guy who hooked up with the main alien.

Of course, after Jack and Anna defeat The Man in Black, Juliet will return to confront Anna, since the Visitors are truly bad guys. However, in sideways world, Juliet goes by Erica Evans and is an FBI agent. The Lost finale will be a cliff-hanger between Juliet/Erica and Anna that can only be revealed in season two of V, coincidently on ABC.


Messiah said...

In a bizarre twist, I think David's mom will end up being Gloria from Modern Family. And her new husband will be Phil Dunphy.

Sean said...

Messiah, that really would be a bizarre twist. Ed O'Neil may start the next season on a rampage. Plus, what will happen to Manny?