Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vote for the Guy with a Bad Back (Randomness)

- I received an e-mail from the Washington Nationals demanding that I vote for catcher Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez to the 2010 All-Star Team. Demand may be a little strong, however, the team pointed out that Pudge is currently third in the National League All-Star voting. The Nationals failed to mention in the e-mail that Pudge is on the disabled list with a lower back strain.

- More e-mail arrived in my Inbox courtesy of the Mario Lemieux Foundation. Among the great work that the Mario Lemieux Foundation does, they also featured this: MLF HOLDS SUCCESSFUL AUSTIN'S PLAYROOM PROJECT LUNCHEON & FUNDRAISER! Am I a terrible person for thinking that perhaps the Mario Lemieux Foundation should create a new acronym?

- Of the many memorable scenes in Sunday’s Lost finale, one stood out for me. Literally. Was I the only one who noticed the significant height difference between Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Claire (Emile de Ravin)? Is Mitchell a giant or is Claire just short?

- This may be obsolete as coach Bob Bradley plans on announcing the full World Cup roster today, but I hope that Herculez Gomez represents the U.S. in South Africa. I feel like the U.S. has a better chance of success with Hercules (or Herculez) on our side.

- I hit the golf course for the first time in approximately a year and played as expected. I’m not very good. Actually I aspire to be not very good.

- Meanwhile, I was attacked by gnats on the golf course. Despite killing a few dozen of these annoying insects, they apparently did not get the message and continued to attack. Conversely, I killed one goose and the other geese took notice and stayed away from me.

- Actually, my best shot of the day occurred when two adult geese led six or seven baby geese into a lake. I was scared of hurting the young geese and managed to hit the ball off the tee and over the water. Unfortunately, I probably should have used a different club as my shot went well over the green as well.

- Did you know that Lindsay Lohan has a younger brother? Did you know that said younger brother just graduated from Ithaca College? Lindsay was unable to attend graduation, but I would have loved to have seen her hang out at Moonshadows.


Messiah said...

I noticed that in the Lost finale, too! Claire was tiny! Smaller than Jack's son!

Archi said...

A quick Google search seems to indicate that de Ravin is around 5'2 and Mitchell is more like 5'9.

Sean said...

de Ravin may be closer to 5'0". Plus, Mitchell may have been wearing heels.