Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: Random Question Edition

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With all of the snow we have received in the Washington area over the last few weeks, I have not attended trivia night in far too long. Hopefully we can remedy that next week. In the meantime, I present questions created by me (if you couldn’t tell).

1. Name three actors that were regulars on the sitcom Spin City.

2. For each of these actors, name another television show or movie that they appeared in.

3. Yesterday (Monday) was a Federal holiday. What is the name of this holiday in Virginia?

4. Name the four #1 seeds in the 2009 NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

5. Name a Samantha Fox song.

6. What Indiana Senator announced that he is not running for reelection?

7. Why did the fourth cauldron malfunction during the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics?

8. What event celebrating its 134th year is currently taking place in New York City?

9. What is the fourth largest U.S. state in terms of area?

10. What is the fourth most populous country in the world?

As always, please do not use the internet to search for answers and leave your answers in the comments section below. Good luck!


Brendon said...

1. Michael J. Fox, Barry Bostwick, and the guy that played Cameron in Ferris Buehler's Day Off.
2. Teen Wolf, I have no idea, Speed.
3. President's Day
4. Arizona, Duke, North Carolina, Pitt
5. Who is Samantha Fox?
6. Bob Packwood
7. It was built in Detroit
8. I don't think I can take a guess without offending someone.
9. Montana
10. Russia

Messiah said...

1. Michael J. Fox, Barry Bostwick,and Michael Boatman
2. Family Ties, Rocky Horror, Celebrity Mole! (or Arliss)
3. They didn't move Lee/Jackson/King Day, did they?
4. ?
5. I Wanna Have Some Fun
6. Evan Bayh
7. Because deep down, Canadians hate Gretzky for leaving.
8. Tuesday
9. Arizona?
10. Indonesia?

neena said...

1. Michael J. Fox, Heather Locklear, Alan Ruck

2. Family Ties, Melrose Place, Ferris Buellar's Day Off

3. George Washington's Birthday

4. PITT, UConn, UNC, Michigan State

5. Touch Me (I won't confirm or deny, but there are rumors that I did an interpretive dance to this song with my friends for our parents at a dinner party.)

6. Evan Bayh

7. It couldn't get up. (That's what she said.)

8. ?

9. Montana

10. Brazil

Sean said...

1. Yes for everyone.

2. Was Alan Ruck really in Speed?

3. Neena is correct. There is no mention of Lincoln in Virginia.

4. Pitt, UNC, Louisville & UConn. As of now, it looks like only Pitt is going to make it back to the tournamen.

5. Hand of Godard - Samantha Fox was one of the greatest musicians of the late 1980s/early 1990s. OK, that's a stretch. Messiah and Neena know her hits. Is there videotape of this dance? Will you reenact it if the Steelers win the Super Bowl next year?

6. Byah

7. I was looking for something like because Gretzky was there but Mario wasn't.

8. The Winchester Dog Show

9. Montana - Point for Hand of Godard and Neena.

10. Indonesia - Point for Messiah.

Now that was fun, wasn't it!

Brendon said...

Yep, Alan Ruck was in Speed. Luckily, I watched some of it Monday since there was nothing else on TV.

From Wikipedia:
"He also played annoying tourist Doug Stephens on the ill-fated bus in the blockbuster Speed, and was also one of the hostages in the lift at the beginning of the film."

As far as I'm concerned, Spin City ended when Heather Locklear joined.