Friday, February 12, 2010

Heinz Field Easter Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt

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I recently received the following e-mail from the Pittsburgh Steelers:

The text might be small, but this e-mail invited me to the 2010 Easter Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt at Heinz Field. For only $27.95 (tax, administrative fees, and parking not included), I can have brunch and hunt for Easter eggs. I haven't been to an Easter egg hunt in many, many years, but I'm guessing they don't let adults search for the eggs. Therefore, I would attend for the opportunity to meet Steelers, right? For $27.95 plus fees, I expect that Mike Tomlin or some Steelers players would be in attendance. I'm not asking for Hines Ward or Troy Polamalu; Piotr Czech, Sean McHugh or Tony Hills would suffice. Um, no. It doesn't appear that any Steelers will attend. Instead, I can meet the Easter Bunny and Steely McBeam. I guess the food must be excellent!


Nicole Williams said...

I attended this event this weekend with my husband, mom, and two small children. It was the worst event I have ever been a part of. The brunch began at 11:00am and was more like a wedding reception due to the buffet style and the open bar - childrens event?? Brunch was until was over at 1:30. A kids event with 15minutes for kids and parents walking around with beer. Then the children were sent onto the field to hunt eggs after again standing in line and waiting. Parents were not allowed on the field. Maybe I'm odd but my children are small and I prefer to be with them in a crowd of 700 people. My kids being small were scared and as it began were run over by parents who pushed onto the field. Watching my children run around a field get so close to an egg and then have eggs taken by parents was absolutely heartbreaking. It is painful even remembering watching it. They had one egg when it was over with a sticker in it. It was horribly organized and not an event for children at all! I took my kids to the science center to make up for their disappointment and we bought new prizes and redid our home egg hunt so they had double the fun at home. The poor kids who actually got prizes actually won things for their parents...towels, hats, blankets,pre-season thats exciting for kids. I went for my kids and for their enjoyment. When I want to see the Steelers I'll buy my tickets! I will never attend such an event ever again and will tell all I know!

Wenni Donna said...

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