Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: More Random Questions

(If you're looking for the Final Four round of the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament, please scroll down to the next post.)

No time for an intro today. I'll explain more about my Monday evening/Tuesday morning another time.

1. Name the Commissioners of the four major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL)

2. What four word phrase starting with the letters SBDC is heard thousands of times in the DC area daily?

3. Finish this sentence: We're not the Beastie Boys or Run-DMC, we're just ___. (This sentence does not appear on Google, but for some reason, I remember this as part of an MTV promo from the late 1980s.)

4. What takes longer: cooking a burger on a George Foreman grill or cleaning the grill after cooking a burger?

5. Name four cast members of Jersey Shore.

6. Name four United States Supreme Court Justices.

7. What is the best song by the band Fuel? (There is an actual answer.)

8. Who was the last American male figure skater to win the gold metal prior to Evan Lysacek?

9. What city finished the #1 in Forbes.com's recent Most Miserable Cities in the U.S. list?

10. What was the principal's name in Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

As always, please leave your answers in the comments section below and do not use the internet to search for answers (except for #7). Good luck!


Messiah said...

1) Goodell, Stern, Selig, Bettman
2) Snyder Blows Dog Chunks
3) Two guys named Rakim and Eric B?
4) Depends on whether you have a grill with removable plates. The permanently attached ones can take quite a while
5) Snooki, the Situation, Eric B, and Rakim
6) Roberts, Stevens, Scalia, Kennedy...
7) Looking at their greatest hits album, I'll go with "Jesus Or A Gun"
8) Brian Boitano
9) Cleveland

Brendon said...

1. Roger Goodell, David Stern, Gary Bettman.
2. Somebody bring da cheese.
3. Douches
4. Cleaning the grill. I threw out my foreman grill and got a grill plate that goes over my stove burners. Best decision I ever made.
5. Snooky, The Situation, Mike, and Paulie (I made up the last two)
6. John Roberts (I almost put Gary Roberts), Samuel Alito, Clarenece Thomas. God I'm going to be really pissed off when I look up the other ones.
7. Hemorrhage (in my hands)
8. Fuck figure skating
9. Has to be Philadelphia.
10. Bob

Nichole Fisher said...

10. Ed Rooney

lacochran said...

I second Messiah: the answer to #9 is Cleveland--much to Alexa's dismay.

neena said...

1. Goodell, Stern, Selig, Bettman

2. ?

3. ?

4. Cooking, on mine at least...though I can't remember the last time I make a burger on my Foreman.

5. Snooki, Ronnie, JWoww, The Situation, Sammi, Vinnie, DJ Pauly D, Angelina

6. Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Ginsburg, Alito, Sotomayor, Kennedy, Stevens

7. Shimmer? Hemorrhage?

8. Bryan Boitano

9. Cleveland (sucks!)

10. Rooney

Unknown said...

1. Selig, Stern, Goodell, Bettman
4. cleaning the grill
5. Snookie, Situation, JWWow, and umm Frank
6. Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Sonya Sotomayor, Thurgood Marshall (it did not say current)
7. Didn't they have a song called "This is the best song." Or at least those were the lyrics
8. Scott Hamilton
9. Detroit
10. Ed Rooney

Mystery Man said...

unusually easy

Sean said...

OK, Mystery Man. Do you know the answers to #2? Besides, next week will be unusually hard, so prepare!

Sean said...

It looks like all of the questions have been correctly answered except for #2 & #3.

#2 is very DC Metro specific. Does "Step Back, Doors Closing" ring a bell?

#3 - We're not the Beastie Boys or Run DMC, we're just Fat. Ah, the Fat Boys. How did they convince Chubby Checker to redo the Twist?

#7 - Shimmer is clearly Fuel's best song.

#9 - Cleveland was the winner. Apparently, the performance of sports teams was a factor.

Thanks to everyone for playing! Next week's trivia is based on literary characters and is not easy. Sorry. Just warning you now.