Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament Odds

I do not condone gambling on the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament, primarily because I don't think Vegas or anywhere else will accept your wagers. With that out of the way, Cory of Three Rivers Burgh Blog, a blog too new to compete this year but a likely lock to join the field next year, broke down this year's tournament.

Odd on winning it all

Empty Netters (1) – 3/1 – Seth is a machine at what he does. Coming up with Jersey Fouls was stuff that legends are made of. He has like 100 posts a day and they have meaningful stuff in them. I get one meaningful post in a month.

Mondesi’s House (1) – 7/2 – Cash money with all sports, not just the major ones. Gets a lot of college stuff. Good chance.

WHYGAVS (2) – 4/1 – Pat is on his stuff when it comes to the Pirates. If you really need some Pirates info you go to Pat or DK. Since DK isn’t in the tourney Pat is the top Pirates only guy

Behind the Steel Curtain (1) – 5/1 – Steelers only guy who has his head on straight. He comes up with like 100 things a day during the off season. He knows more about the Pitt punter we just signed than I know about myself.

The Confluence (2) - 5/1 – Tony is part of the KK menu, and does a great job. He is on top of all Penguins stuff but he is battling up against Seth who is also mainly Penguins. He is right up there and has a shot.

PensBurgh (2) – 11/2 – Pensburgh and Tony are right there hand in hand. Great Penguins coverage and they know their stuff about everything, not just stuff that has happened in the past five years. Major player.

PSAMP (1) – 6/1 – Seriously? Mini Ponies? Need I say more?

OFTOT (3) – 15/1 – Cotter just had a birthday so he is getting old. Steve does commercials for ESPN. ESPN does not have hockey. That hurts. Guilty by association.

Faceoff Factor (4) – 20/1 – Might be a sleeper. If he can get by Seth in the second round he has a chance.

Bucco (5) – 30/1 – What a site. If you haven’t go to it. Individual Player pages for the Pirates and much more. Great site, and as a five seed he is another sleeper

Other – 100/1 – A buncha other great blogs, but I can’t put up odds for all of them. I do have a life. Ok, maybe I don’t but I still have to pretend to do something every once in a while.

Odds on winning division

Louis Lipps Division

Behind the Steel Curtain (3/1)
This is Getting Old (50/1)
Black Shoe Diaries (30/1)
Bucco FANS (20/1)
OFTOT (7/2)
Steelers Gab (40/1)
Pitt Blather (4/1)
Igloo Dreams (40/1)

Craig “Ironhead” Heyward Division

PSAMP (3/1)
Bucs Trade Winds (40/1)
Nice Pick, Cowher (30/1)
RTJR (20/1)
Bucs Dugout (15/1)
Steelers Today (30/1)
PensBurgh (2/1)
Cat Basket (40/1)

Moe Mantha Division

Empty Netters (1/2)
SteelersDepot (50/1)
Faceoff Factor (25/1)
Post Game Heroes (30/1)
Blog ‘N’ Gold (30/1)
Puck Huffers (20/1)
The Confluence (3/1)
PLC (25/1)

Doug Frobel Division

Mondesi’s House (2/1)
Hyzdu Headquarters (50/1)
DC Steeler Nation (25/1)
The Sidney Crosby Show (25/1)
Bob Smizik’s Blog (30/1)
The Hunky & The Mick (30/1)
Pesonen and the Pens (35/1)

You know I got much love for all of you guys. This was just all in good fun so I hope you don’t take offense to any of what I said in here. I read all your blogs and respect the hell out of you guys so you guys all win in my book. I put this together in like 10 minutes so I am sure it will resemble nothing what it should be. Deal with it. Good luck. I am voting for Three Rivers Burgh Blog anyways.

Voting for the first round of the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament ends Friday at 5:00 and can be accessed by scroll down this page.

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