Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday Thoughts

I was snowed in yesterday so I had lots of time to watch television. Here are my thoughts on the Super Bowl and more:

- Enough of the Danica Patrick commercials! Does anyone really ever go up to her and ask if she’s the Go Daddy girl? Even if someone actually does this, no one rips their shirt open wearing a Go Daddy tank top in front of Patrick. If this really happens on a regular basis, Danica Patrick should have her own TV channel.

- The Super Bowl commercials were not very memorable. However, Doritos and Budweiser had some decent ads and seeing Betty White run a crossing pattern better than Limas Sweed* was fun.

- Congratulations to Dick LeBeau on his election to the football Hall of Fame! Well deserved even if it was 30 years late.

- Jerry Rice received the biggest ovation during the pre-game ceremony introducing the new Hall of Fame class. I guess people recognized him from Dancing With the Stars.

- While I still like the Puppy Bowl, it just wasn’t the same without Harry Kalas.

- As a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, I’m never going to like the Washington Capitals. However, this has nothing to do with the team itself. While I think Alexander Ovechkin takes cheap shots on occasion, he is amazing to watch on the ice. It’s easy to recognize that he is one of the best players in the world. My issue comes down to Capitals fans. There is no respect at all among Caps fans for Sidney Crosby. Caps fans must have noticed all of his goals during last season’s playoff series where he went straight to the net and took abuse and hits from the Caps defenders to score. Crosby had another two goals against the Caps yesterday. Keep bringing those pacifiers while showing your admiration towards Alexander Semin, Caps fans.

- Only two days until the 2nd Annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament!

* I feel bad making fun of Limas Sweed. I really hope he has a breakout season next year. Of course, breakout would be 10 catches.


Brendon said...

Never feel bad about making fun of Limas Sweed. If I got paid as much as he is to drop the ball I wouldn't expect anyone to feel sorry for me.
Capitals fans think this winning streak means something. Ask any San Jose Sharks fan what regular season success means in the postseason. Ask David Volek if a long regular season winning streak translates to postseason victories. I am not worried about the Capitals.
Oh, I hope you didn't add Smilin Like a Butcher's Dog to the tournament. He just announced the end of that blog's run.

Sean said...

Hand of Godard - I think we all want Limas Sweed to do well, but it just hasn't happened. It's now at the point that making Limas Sweed jokes aren't funny. Of course, give it a few months and they will be funny again.

The Caps are playing really well and certainly deserve credit for it. However, you're right. You run into a hot goalie in the postseason and the regular season means nothing. It will be interesting to see how the Caps play after the Olympic break. The Olympics are going to take a lot out of Ovie, Backstrom and others. Will they coast after the break and then try to turn it on again for the playoffs?

Smilin Like a Butcher's Dog didn't make the cut. Unless I'm wrong (which is always possible), it wasn't around for a full year.