Sunday, March 16, 2008


According to Sitemeter, this is the number of visits to Sean’s Ramblings this past Friday smashing the previous record for visits in one day. Did these visits come from hundreds of people searching for a picture of a young Terry Bradshaw? Is there a huge market for people seeking best man speech suggestions? To answer the second question is possibly, although folks are not visiting this site for my words of wisdom.

So why were these so many visits on Friday? Two reasons: Yahoo! and Jenna Bush. At the bottom right of its homepage, Yahoo presents the top ten searches of the day. On Friday, March 14, Jenna Bush Wedding reached #8. When someone clicks on Jenna Bush Wedding, Yahoo also provides other suggestions such as Jenna Bush Wedding Date and Jenna Bush Wedding Plans. If you select JBWP (I don’t feel like retyping this, this post is your first option. Thanks to Google Analytics, I learned that nearly 90% of the visitors found this site just through searching for JBWP. In case you were wondering, there were visitors from every state and the District of Columbia except for South Dakota and Vermont and 55 countries including Iran, Haiti, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The top five visitors by city: Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Washington. There were also five visits each from Cebu and Batangas (they are both in the Philippines; I had to look it up) and Accra, Ghana (I had to look this up too).

I’m sure that no one cares about this but it’s really OK to take a break from all of the NCAA Tournament coverage. Do you really need to read and watch people debate the merits of the RPI?

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