Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Visiting Seattle

Next month, I’m going on a real vacation for the first time in over three years. I’m heading to the Pacific Northwest, primarily to Seattle with a two-day/one-night trip to Victoria. Although I am reading up on places to go and things to do, I’m hoping that someone reading this can provide some advice about visiting Victoria and Washington. While I know that I’ll visit the Space Needle, Pike’s Place market and attend a Mariners game while in Seattle and see Butchart Garden in Victoria, that’s about all that is planned at this point. Here’s where I need some help:

- Suggestions on places to stay and eat in Seattle and Victoria
- When going to Victoria, is it worth it to get a package hotel/ferry deal?
- Are there other day or multi-day trips I should take (ex. Mt. Rainier)?
- Should I go anywhere in Oregon?
- Is it OK to wear my Steelers jersey around Seattle to taunt Seahawks fans?

Any help and suggestions are appreciated. As always, feel free to e-mail me at seanramblings at yahoo[dot]com if you do not want to leave a comment below. Thank you!


A Link Per Post said...

i just bumped into your blog!
you're lucky you're going an a vacation! have fun!

Mystery Man said...

I believe that the fish market is supposed to be interesting.

Archi said...

I took a day trip to the San Juan Islands, which were pretty cool:

Pike Place is one of those things you do so you can say you did it. I don't remember it being particularly great. They throw fish and you can buy tea. Yadda.

Messiah said...

I disagree with Dan -- Pike Place is a must do. Great produce, great baked goods, good chowder, interesting crafts, the original Starbucks, free samples, etc. Also, it's probably too cold to really enjoy the San Juans. So you should ban him from your blog.

For restaurants, you can't go wrong with any Tom Douglas joint. My favorite store when I was there was Northwest Fine Woodworking, a furniture and craft store with beautiful (nay, fine!) wood pieces. That's in Pioneer Square, as is Salumi, a teeny-tiny restaurant/take-out run by Mario Battlai's dad that makes it's own salami and cured meats and great sandwiches and pasta. You can stop at both on the way to the M's game.
I'll think of day trips for you, too.

Archi said...

Hehe. I don't think I saw the original Starbucks. That might have been interesting.

And Chowder cannot be used as a selling point for the Pacific Northwest. Only New England. Sure, there is water, but it's still heresy. Salmon yes. Chowder no. So you should ban Messiah from your blog as well. ;)

Isn't Mario Battlei in our Rotisserie league?

Us said...

I'd be interested in going to the interactive music museum - Experience Music Project. Not sure if it is up your alley, but the things I've read about it seem pretty cool...

The Wheatsheaf FC (Bognor Regis) said...

Stumbled across your blog. I am going to Seattle for 1 night during a visit to Vancouver from England to see my girlfriend. Hopefully we won't leave the hotel, but if we did then we would head down to Pioneer square and just chill out and wander around, maybe Pike Place, before a fun night out.

So thanks for the tips guys!!

Anonymous said...

Harvey sent a note about your trip to Seattle.Going to Victoria- Options, Fly Kenmore Air off Lake Union in downtown Seattle into Victoria's Bay. Take an hour / costs about $ 225 Round trip. Flys 6-10 seaters. Great experience. Other option is the Clipper about 2.5 hours, cost around $100 RT. They have hotel packages . Ferry systems a slower option.
While in Victoria, go to bus station for trip to Buchard Gardens.Near Empress Hotel and the Parliment. Like history-go to the museum-all located in downtown area.
Yes stop in Pike's Street Market and check out the water front. Argosy tours has a number of water trips if you want to check out the area.
If Mariners not in see if tours are scheduled at the ball park. Check out the locker rooms, boxes, TV broadcast area, sit in the dugout. It's fun.
Go to Mount Rainier and St Helen's as a day and a half trip. Check with Park sites to see if roads are open however before making plans. Snow has been heavy this past winter so passes may be closed in April if that is your timeline.
If you would enjoy a dinner and a show while in Settle check out Zinzani. It's an obsolutely fun evening. Dinner by Tom Douglas.
There are great restaurants in Seattle. What type of food would you like to experience?
Boeing has very interesting tours. The Museum of flight may be of interest as well. A tour of Underground Seattle is an ok thing.
That's it for now. I'll check back later

Sean said...

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!