Friday, September 07, 2007

2007 Steelers Predictions

Welcome to the start of the NFL season! The Colts defeated the Saints last night and the first full slate of games begins on Sunday. With the new season, I thought I would share my predictions for the 2007 Pittsburgh Steelers.

- The team will finish 10-6 and earn a Wild Card playoff spot. They will win the first playoff game but lose in the second round.

- Clark Haggans will lead the team in sacks. Ike Taylor will lead the team in interceptions.

- Ben Roethlisberger will have more touchdowns than interceptions. He will also not be involved in a motorcycle accident or have an appendectomy this year.

- Mike Tomlin will not publicly kiss any players. He will also spit considerably less than his predecessor.

- Nate Washington will have at least six touchdowns.

- Chris Gardocki will not have a punt blocked this season (or any other season).

- At some point during the season, there will be some type of incriminating picture of kicker Jeff Reed at a bar.

- Fast Willie Parker will have another 200-yard game rushing.

- I will end up watching Steelers games in at least four states: Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and possibly New Mexico and Washington DC.

Feel free to leave your own predictions about the Steelers season, and we’ll check back in four months to see how we did.


Anonymous said...

-we'll finish 12-4 and win the division.

-gardocki will have his first punt blocked during a family thanksgiving match.

-holmes will lead afc wideouts in tds.

-jeef reed will lead the afc in stds.

-i may miss 5 games unless i can figure out how to get nfl network in italy.

Anonymous said...

Gardocki is not our punter anymore. Sepulveda is. He will either be incredible, or horrible.

Sean said...

I know that Gardocki is no longer the Steelers punter. I tried to be a little funny with some of my predictions. I guess it didn't work concerning the Steelers punter (although Jason got it -- thanks Jason!)

Archi said...

I got it, Sean.

Did Gardocki retire or did someone pick him up?

I look forward to making many bad puns like, "Man, he SUPELVERIZED that one!"

Sean said...

I think Gardocki retired, but it may not have been by his choice.

If a punter gets hurt during the season, I wouldn't be surprised to see his name reappear.