Monday, September 17, 2007

2007 Emmys - The Morning After

I thought I was pretty good connoisseur of television, but I successfully picked only two of the nine categories. While I thought last night would be all about The Sopranos, it really was all about Tony Bennett. "Tony Bennett: An American Classic" won three awards in the aired version of the show, plus he performed with Christina Aguilera. Tom Shales of The Washington Post has a real recap of the Emmys.

So maybe I'm just a connoisseur of bad television shows. In case you were wondering, here are my picks for shows that will be cancelled during the 2007-2008 season for the Alison LaPlaca TV Death Pool:

Scrubs (NBC)
Cavemen (ABC)
According to Jim (ABC)
Viva Laughlin (CBS)
Carpoolers (ABC)
The Return of Jezebel James (FOX)
Reaper (CW)
Online Nation (CW)
Nashville (FOX)
Big Shots (ABC)

I finished in sixth place last year out of over 100 entries. There looks like even more competition this year, and I'm a little worried about some of my picks. While I feel confident that my first six shows will not make it to the 2008-2009 season, Reaper may turn out to be decent, which means CW will keep the show, and I have no idea what will happen with the last three on my list.


Archi said...

I haven't even heard of the Return of Jezebel James. But it sounds like a definite cancellation candidate!

I stayed away from CW shows simply because there are shows that have been on there for 7 years that I haven't even heard of. The bar is so low, I'm afraid they'll take anything.

Sean said...

If I remember correctly, Return of Jezebel James is Parker Posey as a successful business person, who can't get pregnant. Therefore, she has her complete opposite sister, played by the girl from Six Feet Under carry her baby. You can see why I put in on my list.

As for CW, I had success picking two CW shows last year, but I think I could have chosen poorly this year. The more I learn about Reaper, the more I think CW will give it plenty of time. Online Nation is basically a 30-minute show of YouTube clips. I feel like this has no chance of succeeding, but CW may realize that it's cheap to produce.