Monday, September 03, 2007

Tennis Uniforms

I watched a few hours of the US Open on Saturday and was really impressed with the young Americans John Isner and Donald Young. Isner took a set from Roger Federer, which is nearly impossible to do unless your name is Rafael Nadal. The 18 year-old Young also played very well in a tough four-set loss to Feliciano Lopez. It looks like there are finally some quality American players besides Andy Roddick and James Blake.

The one part of the matches that has bothered me is the fact that Isner, Young and Lopez all wore the same Nike shirt and shorts (check out the pictures below). It’s like they are all on the same high school tennis team and were required to wear these uniforms by team rules. Do the players have any say into this or are they just happy that Nike is provided them with the clothing? I guess they do have the option of wearing a hat or headband.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about that - they may just have all randomly picked the same thing from freebies they got. Maybe I can ask them, though, as Rob and I will be going to the ladies finals on Saturday! I won a free trip to NYC through Shape magazine and that's one of the perks - very cool!

Sean said...

Christine, if you could find out when you're in NYC, that would be great! I just figured this was a Nike decision, not an individual player's choice.

Have a great time in New York!