Friday, September 28, 2007

All Right Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Vanilla Ice is coming to DC! That’s right, Rob Van Winkle will be at McFadden’s in Foggy Bottom hosting the Back to School bash tonight. According to the event description, “he'll be spinning tunes on the mic, passing out shots at the bar, and of course signing autographs and posing for pictures.” Of course!

The flyer states that the Vanilla Ice experience starts at 10:00pm. Although I haven’t been out in a DC bar past 10 in years, I’m actually considering it. Thanks to ordering tickets to the Washington Capitals-Pittsburgh Penguins games last year, the Capitals offered me, as a group leader, complimentary tickets to a preseason game. So, I’ll be at the Capitals-Flyers game tomorrow night in DC not too far from Foggy Bottom. With the hockey game ending around 9:30, I should be able to make it to McFadden’s in time.

This all sounds like a brilliant plan, but the chances of me actually going to see Vanilla Ice is probably about 5%. You see, I’m old. Bars just aren’t my scene anymore. After working a full week and then going to a hockey game on a Friday night, knowing that it will probably take me an hour to get home from the arena, I’m not going to be up for going to a bar. I would also like to catch the end of the West Virginia-South Florida college football game if possible, and I’m guessing McFadden’s does not want people watching the game over Vanilla Ice. Plus, I’m refereeing three soccer games on Saturday morning, so I have to up fairly early.

And no one else is interested in going with me.

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Anonymous said...

I would totally go with you if I was there! I had a chance once to go to see Vanilla Ice in concert on my 15th birthday (I think) but we had BBG elections that night so I decided not to go.

Anyway, you should go. When you think back on the night...seeing Vanilla Ice is way more important than getting a lot of sleep.