Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Notes

I wore my Louis Lipps jersey and Heinz pickle watch with my Terrible Towel today but that alone could not overcome the five turnovers by the Steelers against the Bengals. What a frustrating game. If you told me before the game that Willie Parker would run for 133 yards and two touchdowns, the Steelers defense would force three turnovers and have six sacks, Chad Johnson would have only one catch for eleven yards and Rudi Johnson would have 47 yards rushing with neither Johnson scoring a TD, I would have thought that would be an easy Steelers victory.

Domino’s “Fudgems” character is really disturbing. I don’t know why, but he/she/it kind of freaks me out.

Why does a high school football team with Michael Vick, LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Urlacher, Troy Polamalu and coached by Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson (I assume he’s an assistant coach as well as a teacher) need a last second trick-play to win the game in the Nike commercial? With that much talent, and playing against high school kids, they should dominate. I really blame the defense for giving up the last-second touchdown. Did they really expect a running play with only 15 second left and Vick’s team down by more than a field goal and on around the opponents’ 40 yard-line? The safeties should have been on their own 10 yard-line!

Congrats to Woodland Hills High School on a big win against Central Catholic and Pitt on defeating The Citadel. Ithaca College, ranked #11 coming into the game, didn’t do so well against St. John Fisher.

Sean’s Ramblings welcomes the first ever (and probably last ever) visitor from Bishkek City, Kyrgyzstan!

To all those who are celebrating it out there, L'Shana Tova!

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