Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Guest Entry

This is Sean’s wife for a brief side commentary. What is it like to visit Michael’s craft store with Sean? Well…it is very amusing! I wanted to make a brief visit to see if I could possibly come up with a craft to do in my spare time. Sean went directly to the Halloween area. He had done this before while we were looking for fake flower arrangements a few weeks ago.

In the Halloween area my wonderful husband began pushing all the buttons of the toys that made noises. Basically, the sounds were the ones you may hear while trick or treating. He would push the buttons or even step in front of the toys and then proceeded to laugh.

Our visit yesterday topped everything. Sean proceeded to put on a cat ear headband and purr like a cat. (Sean’s note: I did not purr.)

It was quite cute, even if he got a few dirty looks from other customers.

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