Wednesday, August 05, 2020

The New Sean's Ramblings

Although I'm not the target audience, I checked out a recent online blogging event organized by BlogHer. What stood out for me the most from the various speakers was that your blog should personify yourself, and more importantly, you should create your own niche. If you've read Sean's Ramblings at all over the last 15 years, you know that I definitely don't have a niche. I write about my kids and being a dad. I write about sports. I write about television and pop culture. I write about free food and grocery shopping. Really, I'm all over the place.  

So after 15 years, I think it's finally time to create my own niche. Welcome to new Sean's Ramblings! The only place where you can find news about Sheffield Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and my cat Ziggy. 

You're probably thinking, Sean, aren't there already blogs about the Pittsburgh Pirates and about Sheffield Wednesday? The answer is, um, yes (though I don't think I've ever seen a Sheffield Wednesday blog). But have you ever seen an all-in-one Pittsburgh Pirates/Sheffield Wednesday blog? No you have not. I have found my niche! You're probably also thinking, Sean, this sounds like it could be a really depressing blog. The Pittsburgh Pirates are the worst team in baseball with a 2-9 record through Tuesday. They are going to be terrible for several years if not longer. Meanwhile, Sheffield Wednesday finished in the middle of the table in the English Championship League, but they were much closer to relegation to promotion this past season. Plus, they are looking at starting the 2020-2021 season with a 12-point deduction because of some shady financials. Basically, they don't look to challenge for a spot in the English Premier League for a few years either.  

You're still a little confused. I get it. This could be a dramatic shift to what you're used to reading here. Plus, after seeing the description of the Pirates and Sheffield Wednesday, how much fun will it be to read about two struggling (I think that's being optimistic) teams? Well, here's the exciting part. I will include a picture of Ziggy in every blog post. And I'll include commentary from Ziggy in each post. Want to know Ziggy's thoughts on the Pirates pitching staff? Come to Sean's Ramblings! What is Ziggy's opinion on Sheffield Wednesday manager Garry Monk? Come to Sean's Ramblings! 

While I'm not sure if this will work, I appreciate Ziggy looking at hockey cards to see if any of these players could also play baseball or soccer!

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