Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Bring Back BBQ Fritos

If you watch cable news and listen to many politicians, you would think that we live in an extremely divided country. And maybe we do. However, maybe I'm an optimist and believe that we have more in common than things that divide us. People just want to be healthy and safe, want the best for our kids, and except for some folks in the northeastern part of the country, root against the New England Patriots.

Something else that bonds most Americans is our love of snacks. And that’s where we need to come together as Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Green Party members, unaffiliated voters, Librarians, Mechanics, Cosmetologists, and everyone else to support an important cause.

Earlier this year, the Frito-Lay company made the tragic decision to discontinue BBQ Fritos. This is truly an outrage and injustice. I only learned about this recently when I was in a grocery store that had a buy one, get one free sale on Fritos, yet there were no BBQ Fritos to be found. I noticed that a different grocery store also had several varieties of Fritos, but there were no BBQ Fritos in sight. That’s when I started doing some research and contacted Frito-Lay. Here’s our correspondence:

Dear FritoLay,

I am a big fan of your products and eat Rold Gold pretzels probably more often than I should. At a local grocery store recently, I saw that Fritos were on sale, so I wanted to buy the BBQ flavor. While there were a half dozen different varieties of Fritos, the store didn’t carry BBQ. At a different grocery store, I also noticed that they no longer carry this flavor. Additionally, I see that this flavor is not listed on your website. Do you no longer make BBQ Fritos? If this is not the case, where can I find them?

Thank you,

The Reply:
Hi Sean,

Thanks so much for writing to us about Fritos BBQ. This variety has been a fan favorite for years, and we’re very sad to say it has been discontinued. We know that’s a big disappointment since fans like you have been looking high and low for it!

We’re sharing with our Fritos Team all the feedback we receive from our loyal, passionate fans as they may consider bringing it back in the future.

Thanks again for reaching out to us! I’m sending a coupon to you and hope one of our other snacks will satisfy your taste buds!

Best regards,

PepsiCo Consumer Relations

Sean's note: If BBQ Fritos have been a fan favorite, why discontinue it?

Tina, Thank you for your quick response. Just out of curiosity, what was the reason behind discontinuing the Fritos BBQ? Is there data available to show that this variety had poor sales in relation to other Frito Lay products? More importantly, how can I start a campaign to get Fritos BBQ back? Do you need a certain amount of tweets or signatures on a petition?

Hi Sean,

Thank you for writing again. I appreciate the turn around. All we know, is what's been shared before.

We are sharing feedback as we are receiving contact detail. Who's to say what the future will bring?

The executives know how loyal consumers feel, we are ourselves Frito-Lay fans.

I cannot encourage anyone to spend time on a campaign for the return of a specific snack.

Thanks again for reaching out to us! We value your loyalty and truly appreciate your business.

Best regards,

I was prepared to start an online campaign, but it looks like two people already introduced petitions. Please sign these petitions and contact the Frito-Lay company to let them know that you want, no DEMAND, the return of BBQ Fritos.

Might as while call your Senator and member of Congress on this too. They probably don’t have much going on! And this is something both sides can agree on to help the country.

Let's do this. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

(Again the petitions are available here and here.)


Booferson J McGrugen said...

This is a travesty of justice of biblical proportions! Thank you for bringing this to my attention Finally, a cause I can get fully behind!!

Sean said...

Richard - This really should be a bigger story than it is. If Americans can't unite around this, our country is doomed!

Booferson J McGrugen said...

Agreed. The greatest of all snacks that would loosely fall under the "chip" category is gone and I wasn't even aware until I read your post!

TOY said...

My heart shatters into a million pieces every time I notice they don't have my BBQ Frito's. The day is basically ruined after that for me. (Just take me home, w a face of utter defeat, smh!) I have gone to nearly every gas station, Grocery Store, Mom & Pop shops, hole in the wall places, Sketchy places, 3 different States (DMV), EVERYWHERE and they don't have them! I hate the twist ones. Its like i have to search the dark web just to secretly get my hands on just one bag. Like I have to meet someone in an alley next to the dumpster in an abandoned part of town to have this delicacy! I literally have people on the look out for those scrumptious jewels just in case its that last bag. ( I have to stay hopeful right?!) But, no luck. I just suffer day and night, week by week, BBQ Fritoless, snackless, drowning in my tears, in the dark, Alone., with the windows covered in black Tarps. Severly Depressed. Now I suffer from Bbq Fritoless Syndrome. It causes intense mood swings, Chronic sadness, Chip aisle phobia, Sleepless days and nights, Vending Machine Vengefulness and Chronic BBQF cravings. This sickness is severe and there is only one cure. * A bag of BBQF. I don't wish this on my worst enemy. I don't know how I've made it this long or how much longer I can survive. I do believe I need to check my self into that rehab facility BBQF-LESS Manor & BBQF-LESS ANONYMOUS classes need to follow.

Anonymous said...

The CEO of this company needs to go. How stupid can he/she be as to stop producing what even they call a fan favorite for over 80 years? Bring back the BBQ Fritos chips today or we will not purchase any of your other chips until you do.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I live in Texas and BBQ Fritos have been discontinued for years! What an incompetent decision. Please return your best product imbeciles!

themanhollywood1@aol.com said...

If and when they bring back Barbecue Fritos - They should bring them back in Scoops Size ! There is a Great Sales Pitch!!!!!

Unknown said...

Would love to have barbecue corn chips back ,please try to make it so I know a lot of people would also love to have them back PLEASE

Unknown said...

Please bring back my BBQ Fritos!!! The only Fritos I liked...my sister and I were so saddened when the vendor told her if their demise...😖😖😖

Bbqfritogirl said...

Me too I have been searching frantically for our favorite bbq Fritos. Tomatoe soup and grilled cheese will never be the same
Or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Bring them back, ok?

Bbqfritogirl said...

I was do desperate for bbq Fritos I bought Party Mix by UTZ I dumped the back out to divide their bbq Fritos,
They were GROSS!! I was sad disappointed
I think we should know whose great decision it was to delete the BBQ FRITOS. Who ever it was wasn't do bright
Unless they are doing this to create a hype, if that were their campaign idea it was smart. Give them a bonus and bring them back!!
Tomatoe soup will never be the same

Unknown said...

Please bring back bq fritos!! Several friends have also been on the look out. We want bq fritos!!!!!

veno66 said...

I have found memories of eating bbq fritos out of a can. Was a child in Germany then, around 1970. Have enjoyed them every since, until you decided to discontinue them. Guess I shall continue my suffering as Costco also took away my favorite, the beef polish sausage...two poor decisions.

Hev1971 said...

First BREXIT. Now THIS! We Brits can't cope without FRITOs BBQ. Our supermarkets don't sell Lays chips/crisps so always had to pay postage fees. But they were worth it.

Anonymous said...

Please call Frito Lay to complain 800-352-4477 press zero to get to the operator who will record your complaint & send it to upper management. Frito Lay told me a petition to bring back Cheetos Flaming Hot Asteroids was successful, but that it took a bunch of millennial's pushing for 90,000 signatures - but finally they succeeded. We can do this but we need to PUSH hard and KEEP PUSHING. If you are able, please donate to get this petition in front of as many people as we can. If we can spend $3 dollars every week on a bag of chips, that's a lot of money over the course of a year. So donate as much as possible. The larger the donation the more signatures we get. Also, you can send the URL for this petition to as many people as possible. Let's show these millennial's how its done. Spread the word > Twitter > Facebook > We can do this > BRING BACK OUR BBQ FRITOS! https://www.change.org/p/frito-lay-bring-back-fritos-bbq-corn-chips

Unknown said...

Will quit eating Frito snacks if they dont bring back barbecue Fritos.

Unknown said...

Here is a recipe to make BBQ Fritos from a bag of regular Fritos. It’s very close to the original. Just put a regular bag of Fritos in a gallon zip-lock bag and shake it up:

2 teaspoons paprika
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon Lawrey’s seasoned salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon ground mustard
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Unknown said...

just so you know bbq fritos have ne=ot been discontinued. i have beem purchasing them in canada winsor ontario for the last year and a half. frito lay is lying and for watever reason they only want to sell them in canada. not sure why but they do

Unknown said...

Called them about that one time was told they have there own research and development dept

Unknown said...

I wish y’all would bring them back . I and my family and friends loved them so much .We don’t like the twist Barbecue corn chips .They don’t taste as good . So when I want Barbecue chips about grips holes they taste better then anything y’all have except for the Barbecue corn chips so I won’t buy any barbecue chips that y’all I am

Anonymous said...

2/2021: i live in Michigan, and we have gone to neighboring Canada several times, returning with BBQ Fritos. Just this week they turned up on the shelves of a local Dollar General here in Northern Michigan. Hopefully this bodes well for future US availability.