Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Adventures of Pedro Tulo

Let me preface this by stating that no kids were injured in the writing of this blog post.

If I told you that I needed to call poison control for one of my kids, even if you don't know my kids, which one would you think it would be?

A. The Moose who is almost 7.
B. Pedro Tulo who is almost 4.
C. Luigi who is 6 months.

Even though the title of the post gives the answer away, here's a hint. The answer is also the same child who had to go to the ER due to burning his hand on a Sterno and who I was holding when I dislocated my wrist. (I'm not blaming him for my wrist injury but it wouldn't have happened if he would have walked down the stairs after we asked him to at least five times.)

The answer is clearly B.

Pedro Tulo was playing with a glow stick earlier this week and somehow managed to crack it open. Seeing the red liquid, he decided to see how it tasted. Not very good. All of a sudden, I heard a cry and saw some fluorescent drops on the floor. After I was able to determine that he did actually swallow the glow stick "juice," I called poison control. The woman at poison control was extremely nice and let me know that glow stick juice is non-toxic but tastes awful. (Has she tried some before as part of a training?) I got the impression that she takes glow stick related calls regularly.

Anyway, she said to give Pedro Tulo some water and if that didn't get the taste out of his mouth, juice. I thanked her profusely, and Pedro Tulo was fine after drinking a glass of water.

As a bit of a tangent, do they still have Mr. Yuk stickers? If so, I may need about 5,000 to put on everything in the house.


Nichole Fisher said...

I remember Mr. Yuk! I wonder if those stickers are still around? Glad Pedro is ok!

Sean said...

If the stickers aren't around, they should be! Pedro Tulo is fine, thanks.