Wednesday, March 07, 2018

My Life In Pictures

Here are some of the things going on in my life captured in pictures. Please note that I am not a photographer and do not play one on the internet, and these pictures were all taken using my phone.

As a result of the massive windstorm that hit much of the northern East Coast on Friday, there were trees down everywhere. This is from the parking lot of Pedro Tulo's school. While we were fortunate not to lose power, I know several people who did not have power for three days or more.

After nearly six weeks I got my cast off! My arm looks so weird.

Oh, the doctor also removed these pins.

Although I was told that it may take up to six months before my wrist is back to normal and I have plenty of physical therapy ahead, my wrist right now feels the same as it did before surgery since it is so stiff. I'm also now going to wear a splint for at least a month though it's nice to take a shower without covering my right arm and I'm able to bite my fingernails again. (What an awful habit.)

The doctor's office had several magazines including Arthritis Today. I was surprised that someone so young and healthy was on the cover, but I guess that's the point that arthritis doesn't only occur for the social security crowd.

Luigi is now six months old and although he often wears sleepers, he sometimes wears these booties to keep his socks on and feet warm. What color would you call these?

Lucky Charms lip balm? I'm intrigued though are they supposed to be magically delicious?

Ziggy has no need for the Directv receiver.

Finally, I watched the first two episodes of NBC's new show Good Girls about three suburban moms that rob a grocery store because they need the money for their families. It kind of seems like it's going to be a network version of Weeds. I'm not sold yet, but I'll give the show a few more episodes. Anyway, in the second episode, the daughter of the character played by Retta participates in a soccer game. If you notice the picture, the referee is wearing a yellow uniform which is a no-no when one of the teams are wearing yellow jerseys. (And yes, I really want to get back on the field to ref some games but I don't have the go-ahead to do that yet.)

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