Monday, February 24, 2014

Trip To The Library

I took my son to the library this weekend for story hour twenty minutes. After the program concluded, we ventured to the kids' section to check out some books. My son is currently obsessed with Thomas & Friends* (the trains, the TV show, a Thomas app, etc.), so we searched for some Thomas books. While there were no Thomas books on the shelves, the librarian found two books for us behind the check out counter, the only two books in the library.

While I looked for some non-Thomas books about five feet away from my son, he started "reading" one of the books on a bench and placed the second book next to him. Maybe 30 seconds later, another kid who couldn't have been older than two grabbed the book on the bench. Naturally, my son didn't like this. After unsuccessfully reasoning with the random kid that the book belonged to my son, I started looking for this boy's parents who were no where to be found. After what seemed like an eternity but was probably about two minutes, the mom came over to check in on her son. I explained that the kid took my son's book, and she gave the book back to us. My son was happy again, and I was relieved as I didn't like my options: either let this kid take my son's book or rip the book away from a parent-less 2 year-old. Then, the mother asked me where she could find Thomas books, and I told her to ask the librarian. As I walked away, I thought, no Thomas books for you, sucka!

* I believe that Sir Topham Hatt runs some type of shady operation. I think he is the leader of a Cartel and the trains want to make sure that they please him or else they'll be turned into train parts.


Laurie said...

We had a Thomas the Train book that had a real train whistle on it. I say had because that thing was super annoying and that book mysteriously disappeared when we moved this summer...

Sean said...

I'm so happy that there's not a real train whistle in our house. With my son's current love of Thomas, I feel like a disappearing whistle would cause a major problem.