Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Watch Out Consol Energy Center

Pittsburgh has a storied sports tradition. Perhaps because of this tradition, Pittsburgh's athletic venues have been subject to more sinister plots than anywhere else. The first occurrence took place at the Civic Arena during the 1995 Stanley Cup Finals. Fortunately, Jean-Claude Van Damme saved the day.

Then in 2011, Taylor Lautner ran around PNC Park. I don't know what was going on, but I feel like people in addition to Lautner were in trouble.

Sadly, Heinz Field was decimated by Bane and company in 2012. This was not unexpected after seeing now former mayor Luke Ravenstahl as the kicker and Hines Ward returning the kickoff.

Since the city (or was it some villain?) demolished Three Rivers Stadium in 2000, the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins since 2010 is the only current professional venue where nothing out of the ordinary happened. I hope that security remains vigilant (or that a new movie utilizes the arena for some cool scenes)!

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