Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Everyone In The Heinz Commercial Is Doing It Wrong

Did you see the Heinz commercial during the Super Bowl? If not, check out the video below (and if so, let the video refresh your memory).

Am I the only one who notices something wrong with the commercial? Everyone in the commercial hits the bottom of the bottle to get the ketchup out. Growing up in Pittsburgh, I learned at a young age the proper way to effectively get ketchup out of a Heinz bottle. You tap the 57. This might have been part of the first grade curriculum. Heinz even writes this on their website!

What's the best way to get Heinz ketchup out of the iconic glass bottle?

To release ketchup faster from the glass bottle, apply a firm tap to the sweet spot on the neck of the bottle— the "57." Only 11% of people know this secret. Now you're "in-the-know."

While Heinz may have spent $4 million on the TV spot, perhaps they should have spent the $0 to tell the marketing people the right way to get ketchup out of the bottle.


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Marc said...

I’ve always liked the idea that one way you know a Pittsburgher is how they get the ketchup out of the bottle. So I took this as Heinz teaching the rest of the world to do it the wrong way with a nudge and a wink to those of us in the know. I hope that’s whats going on, at least. That’s what I’ll chose to believe.