Saturday, November 09, 2013

Why Is Selena Gomez Singing About Mr. T?

Please watch this video for Selena Gomez's latest song, Slow Down. Actually, you don't even need to watch the entire video, just go to the 15 second mark and tell me what you think Gomez sings. I'll wait.

To me, it sounds like the lyrics are "Mr. T said I am ready for inspection." While I'm sure that Gomez didn't actually write this song, it seems odd to me that there would be a line referencing the 1980s pop culture icon. She and most of her fans probably don't even know Mr. T. Besides, when would Mr. T ever say that someone is ready for inspection? Wouldn't he just say that he pities the fool?

While I now realize that I misunderstood the line, I think I like my Mr. T version better!


Kathy said...

I'm visiting from the NaBloPoMo site and I like your version better too; something to amuse us older folks! LOL

Sean said...

Thanks Kat!

Anonymous said...

And I thought that I was only one that heard that "Mr. T" line! Lol.

Eryc said...

It's Mr. TSA, I'm ready for inspection. Which is clever