Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Highway To The Uncomfortable Zone*

As I get older, I notice that I'm becoming more and more introverted. I have some good friends, but meeting new people and participating in new activities just doesn't interest me. However, I'm taking a big step out of my comfort zone later this week and felt the need to share.

While I have become involved in a Pittsburgh Bloggers group with some amazing people, the fact that I don't actually live in Pittsburgh anymore makes it difficult to truly get involved outside of the online part of the community. Therefore, I started looking for any type of Northern Virginia Blogging community and found out about an event for NoVa bloggers.

So now I'm scheduled to go to an event that seems geared toward Mommy bloggers. Not only will I know no one there, I will likely be one of the only men in attendance. 24 year-old me would be psyched about the potential female-to-male ratio (though maybe not with the likely age discrepancy and with the uncertainty about what to talk about with parents with young kids), but late 30s me is a little apprehensive and a bit nervous. While I'll share my experiences of the event soon, if anyone reads this and is a DC/NoVa blogger that wants more information about this event or wants to attend with me as a Wingman/Wingwoman, please let me know.

* I really am terrible at coming up with blog post titles.


Britni said...

I'm one of those mom bloggers attending but completely get the whole nervous thing. If nothing else, at least there should be good food.

Sean said...

Britni - While we "talked" on Twitter, thanks for your reply. It was nice meeting you and the event turned out to be fun.

(Yes, that's a spoiler alert for a future blog post!)