Monday, November 04, 2013

Did You Know?

In the nearly 9 years of writing Sean's Ramblings, I've shared a lot about myself and probably more than you wanted to know. (For proof, feel free to read any TMI Thursday posts.) Today, I wanted to share more things that you may not know about me. There's a chance I've shared some of this information before, but cut me some slack since I've written over 2,300 posts.

- My first job after earning a graduate degree was working at a Repo company.

- My second job after earning a graduate degree was demonstrating a Harry Potter board game at Springfield Mall.

- I was on my high school's diving team.

- I finished second in the high school balloting for class clown.

- My wedding was officiated by the father of a member of Rusted Root.

- I performed in two musicals in high school and even had a solo (for two lines). I believe that both musicals won the Gene Kelly Award for best Pittsburgh area high school musical.

- I was featured in a article about fantasy football.

- In my final high school soccer game, I scored my first high school goal.

-I'm pretty sure I freaked out former California Governor Gray Davis. When I lived in San Diego, I had a bad day when my e-mail account was deleted. In a bad mood, I came across Gray Davis who walking towards a stage as he was preparing to give a speech. Probably not in the nicest tone, I said, "Hey Gray. How are you?" He sheepishly nodded and waved.

- I don't spend much money on clothes. If I won the lottery and had millions of dollars, I still probably wouldn't spend more than $25 on a shirt.

- I think I would be a great candidate to appear on a fashion make-over show.

- I don't own an iPod or MP3 player and have never downloaded any music.

- I would love to write a book someday.

- I have never watched Duck Dynasty or The Amazing Race.

- I have been in the same fantasy baseball league since 1992. I have never won this league.

- I've turned into a morning person. I don't remember the last time I was out past 10:00.

I'm sure that there is a lot that I'm missing, so you'll have to stay tuned to see what I share in the future!

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mrsgregwillis said...

Wow! "I don't own an iPod or MP3 player and have never downloaded any music."

I've downloaded plenty in exchange. :)