Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Limas Sweed Jersey

The biggest story in sports (at least in my world) is the Pirates taking the first three games of the five-game series against the Cardinals propelling the team to the best record in baseball. Arguably the second biggest story in sports is Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. Honestly, I don't really follow Manziel that closely. He is a college student that is probably only 20 who has been thrust into the public eye thanks to winning the Heisman Trophy. He may drink a little too much, but he's a college student, and we wouldn't know this except that he's the most well-know college student in America. Manziel recently attended a party at The University of Texas wearing a Tim Tebow Jets jersey. This turned out to be a big deal since Tebow can be a polarizing figure and the fact that the party took place at Texas A&M's rival. Apparently, you are not allowed to go to a party on the campus of a rival school. I guess I followed this rule in college and graduate school as I never attended a party at Cortland State or The University of Michigan (though I was never invited either).

Anyway, this is a long introduction simply to share this picture of Manziel at the Texas party.

Notice the guy on the front right? Yes, he's wearing a Limas Sweed Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. A Limas Sweed jersey! Sweed is best known for being for being a second round pick in 2008, yet he only had 7 receptions in his two seasons for the Steelers. While I think it's fair to say that he was a bust, his legacy lives on!

This is now the second time I've featured someone wearing a Limas Sweed jersey. Could it be the same guy?

P.S. Both Steelers Lounge and PSAMP posted similar stories before I did. Good job, guys!


drinkyourmilkshake said...

The hair is similar enough in both to give some credence to your theory they are the same dude.

Sean said...

DYM - It's unlikely that the same guy would wear a Sweed jersey at a Penguins-Islanders game on Long Island and then several years later at a frat party in Austin, but I can dream!