Monday, July 22, 2013

My Helen Thomas Story

Helen Thomas, the long-time member of the White House Press Corps from the JFK through Obama administrations, passed away over the weekend. While she had an extraordinary career covering the presidency for nearly 60 years for United Press International and later Hearst News Service, she retired in 2010 after saying that Jewish settlers should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to “Poland, Germany, America and everywhere else.” Obviously, that didn't go over well.

Personally, I'll remember Thomas for two things. First, she had a cameo in the underrated film Dave.

Second, and more importantly, in either October or November 2011, we went to dinner at a Middle Eastern restaurant in DC called Mama Ayesha's. My son wasn't six months old yet, but he was quiet and calm (and possibly sleeping) throughout the meal. Thomas was seated at the table next to us, and as we left the restaurant, she remarked to us that we have a cute kid. She was, and is, right.

To this point, Thomas remains the most famous person my son has met and commented on his cuteness.

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