Monday, July 29, 2013

Leave Me Alone Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are performing at Nissan Pavilion Jiffy Lube Live (also possibly known as "The Lube") in Bristow, Virginia tonight. How do I know this? I received four separate e-mails about the concert from some unlikely sources. An e-mail about the concert from Ticketmaster was not unexpected since it is their job to sell tickets. Getting an e-mail from Groupon isn't unheard of since I guess tickets sales needed a boost. Receiving a message from Travelzoo was a bit odd since I thought they only did travel, but I guess they are in the entertainment business too. However, why did I receive this e-mail about the concert from

There are several things wrong with this. First, Jiffy Lube Live is about 35 miles from DC. Second, why is the Jonas brother on the left staring at us? It's like he's looking into our souls behind those sunglasses. Stop it, Jonas brother!

My main question is why is Major League Baseball sending e-mails about a Jonas Brothers concert? If they were performing at Nationals Park, I would understand that. The simple answer is that MLB probably has some type of partnership with LiveNation, but I don't want a simple answer. Give me an outlandish or conspiracy theory!

Of course, perhaps I'm on too many e-mail lists!

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