Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nationals Fail

The Washington Nationals are going through some tough times. Expected to win the division and represent the National League in the World Series, the Nats are 48-52, have lost five straight games and recently fired their hitting coach. On the positive side, attendance is up, and Teddy is winning some of the racing President races.

Like many professional stadiums and arenas, Nats Park has a designated driver booth where folks over 21 can pledge that they won't drink during the game. In return, the Nats give you a coupon for a free non-alcoholic beverage. On a warm summer night when I knew that I wasn't going to drink, I signed up since I'm all about free stuff last night. This is the coupon I received:

Notice anything odd about the coupon? Take a look at the last sentence.

While this doesn't compare to the days when the team had misspelled uniforms, you'd think someone would notice this typo before the All-Star break of the 2013 season.

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