Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sean's Week 4 NFL Picks

Happy Sunday everyone. I am much better at picking games during even weeks than odd weeks. Want proof? After a 5-10-1 record in week three (I consider the Packers-Seahawks game a push), I am 10-20-1 in odd weeks and 9-6-1 in even weeks (week #2) for an overall total of 19-26-2. Regardless, that's not very good. Since it's an even week, I'm going to redeem myself. Here are my week four picks:

I was correct in my feature pick last week, so I'll highlight one game today. Houston is a 12 point favorite at home against the Tennessee Titans. While I'm not convinced that the Titans can win this game, I have a feeling that this will be a close game based on the fact that it's a division match up meaning that the teams know each other quite well. Please note that I didn't listen to this reasoning for the Ravens-Browns game on Thursday night. Interesting fact you may not know: The Titans are 14-4 against the spreads in games where every single fantasy column mentions how terrible Chris Johnson has been this season during the preceding week.

Enjoy the games!

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Unknown said...

I like that you consider the Packers-Seahawks game a push. The NFL should do the same.