Friday, September 14, 2012

Sean's Week 2 NFL Picks

In my first week of picking NFL games against the spread, I went a terrible 5-10. At least I have fantasy football where I went, um, 1-5. At least the Steelers, Pitt and the Pirates won, right? Let's just forget last week and focus on week 2.

My marquee, seven-star picks:

Cleveland at Cincinnati (-7)

The nickname of BenJarvus Green-Ellis is The Law Firm presumably because he has a long, hyphenated name instead of being a pre-law major or an actual lawyer. If you think about it though anyone with a hyphenated name could have the nickname of the law firm. Maurice Jones-Drew could be The Law Firm. I guess we'll just call Jones-Drew, The Advertising Agency. Meanwhile Cleveland lost last week despite the Philadelphia Eagles not using one of the game's best running backs enough because they would rather have Michael Vick throw 60 times resulting in 4 interceptions. Cincinnati is not that dumb and will win at home.

Random fact: Cleveland is 0-7 against the spread in games the week after the week after (I guess "2 weeks after" would have worked too) the team's former owner that moved the team to Baltimore died.

Dallas at Seattle (+3)

Dallas looked good last week winning at the defending Super Bowl Champions. Something called Kevin Ogletree had a monster game and was then picked up in 90% of all fantasy leagues. Meanwhile, Seattle has a rookie quarterback and lost at Arizona, a team that will not be compared to the New York Giants. Therefore, how can Dallas lose against Seattle? I have a feeling people have said that all week. Playing in Seattle can be difficult, and I think Marshawn Lynch will have a big game.

Random fact: Dallas is 0-5 against the spread in games following the debut of an eyeglass cleaner product by the team's owner's son-in-law.

New York Jets at Pittsburgh (-5.5)

Is there any pre-game show that won't show replays of the Tim Tebow-Demaryius Thomas touchdown from last year's Wild Card game this weekend? If a show does NOT replay this play, please let me know and I will start endorsing that show. Anyway, I don't have much analysis on this one. The Jets aren't as good as they played last week at home against Buffalo. The Steelers aren't as bad as they played at Denver last week. Pittsburgh wins.

Random fact: The Steelers are 11-2 against the spread in games against New York/New Jersey teams that feature non-starting University of Florida Heisman-winning quarterback.

Other games (my pick is in bold):

Chicago at Green Bay (-5) (Woo Hoo! I got one right!)
Kansas City at Buffalo (-3)
Minnesota (-1.5) at Indianapolis
Oakland (-2.5) at Miami
Arizona at New England (-13.5)
Tampa Bay at New York Giants (-7.5)
Baltimore at Philadelphia (-2.5)
New Orleans at Carolina (+2.5)
Houston (-7) at Jacksonville
Washington at St. Louis (+3)
Tennessee at San Diego (-6)
Detroit (+6.5) at San Francisco
Denver at Atlanta (-3)

Enjoy your fooball weekend!

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