Friday, January 06, 2012

2011 Year-End Credit Card Spending Summary

Remember how I wrote that I enjoy numbers and statistics? Well, I had a terrific time reviewing my 2011 year-end credit card statement. Seriously. They have charts and percentages. Anyway, for no apparent reason, I thought I would share the top ten places with you.

1. Wegmans – I spend way too much money grocery shopping.

2. Target – This can be attributed to the new addition in our household. Hooray diapers!

3. – See Target. Hooray diapers and baby food!

4. Glass company that I refuse to name. I shared some of my frustration with this company before. Although the shower still isn’t completely fixed, I’m not contacting this company again. With that written, there may be a call to the Better Business Bureau or at least some negative online reviews in the future. Oh, the company that did the actual shower portion of the new shower would have been #2 on this list except that I used a different credit card for them. (Almost all of my purchases are on the credit card that is the basis of this list.)

5. Sun Refining & Marketing – I freaked out when I saw this company on the list. Who the heck is Sun Refining & Marketing? Did I get charged for something incorrectly? Turns out that this company is actually Sunoco. Freak out over.

6. Metro – Even though my company contributes money monthly toward my commute, I still regularly add money to my SmartTrip card to get to and from work.

7. Babies R Us – See Target & Amazon. Hooray diapers, baby food and anything else that I can’t seem to remember right now!

8. JetBlue – I wouldn’t be surprised if another airline actually earned this spot since there seems to be separate entries for reservations and bag fees. With that written, I love the fact that I can check my bag for free on JetBlue and that they still provide snacks for no additional charge. Live TV is also a nice bonus.

9. Safeway – The grocery store closer to Wegmans if only a few items are needed. They seem to have higher prices than Wegmans across the board, but sometimes, you have to go with the convenient location.

10. Eye doctor – New contacts and glasses were needed in 2011.

So where were some of the places that you used your credit card the most in 2011?

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