Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trivia Tuesday

I've mentioned my love of Sporcle at least once or twice. This week, we have three quizzes from the second best website in the world:

1. Name the Pittsburgh Pirates opening day starting line-up from 1991-2010 (15 minutes).

I scored a 109 out of 180 (77th percentile). Interestingly, my best years were 1991 & 1992 where I got 8 of 9 correct, but my worst year was 1995 (only 3 right answers).

2. Name the state(s) which fall into each of the miscellaneous categories (4 minutes)

18 of 30 for me on this one.

3. Name the artists who spent the most total weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 from 2000-2009 (5 minutes)

I scored an 11 of 20.

Take these Sporcle quizzes and share your results in the comments section below. Good luck!


Nichole Fisher said...

#1 - I usually skip the sports ones, so 0/180

#2 - 24/30

#3 - 12/20

Sean said...

Nichole - Nicely done on quizzes two and three. Are you sure you don't want to guess the Pittsburgh Pirates players? :)