Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eric Massa: AbilityOne Champion

I’ve probably shared that I read the Express cover to cover on the Metro each day. The paper is a great way to get a summary of the news and avoid eye contact with my fellow commuters. On Tuesday, I noticed the following advertisement for NIB, National Industries for the Blind.

Prior to yesterday, I had never heard of the organization. However, putting a full-page ad in the Express with a list of “Congressional AbilityOne Champions” got my attention and probably earned notice from other folks in the DC community. That happens when the names Arlen Specter, Orrin Hatch, Harry Reid and Barney Frank are included in your ad. However, one name certainly stood out among the 100 or so Members of Congress. I’ll give you a minute to see if you see it too. It’s okay; I’ll wait.

If you chose the last name under New 2010 AbilityOne Champions, Rep. Eric Massa, you win! (I guess the title of this post may have helped too.) I have a feeling that NIB may not include now former Rep. Massa in future ads. Companies don't generally like being associated with former members of Congress who allegedly groped staffers and engaged in "tickle fights" and "inappropriate language" (not allegedly on these last two).


Anonymous said...

what's your point? No one knew this guy was a creep. Was NIB supposed to assume that he was going to engage in inappropriate behavoir?

NIB and AbilityOne are doing great things to help people. You are doing nothing but making stupid comments about a group you know nothing about.

Sean said...

Anonymous - My intention of this post was to point out that Eric Massa is kryptonite. It was not to take anything away from the work NIB and AbilityOne do, and I hoped to even promote them by providing a link.

With that written, NIB apparently noticed the same thing I did. They updated their full-page ad in today's Express by removing Eric Massa. It also looks like the list was scrubbed as George Allen of VA is out while Robert Bennett of Utah is in. There were five "New 2010 AbilityOne Champions" including Eric Massa in the ad above; there are 7 new champions in the revised ad without Massa.