Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Ramblings, Thoughts and Links

Brad Stevens, the head basketball coach at Butler University, led his team to the 2010 Final Four on Saturday. Stevens, born in October 1976, is approximately 18 months younger than me. Let’s hope that Stevens is over-achieving because he’s making me feel unproductive.

For my mile challenge, I ran a mile in 8:03 over the weekend. Still more than a minute over my record time from 15+ years ago, but better than my 8:30 last week.

During the first minute of an under-13 girls soccer game I worked Sunday, the coach yelled instructions to one of his players. She responded by screaming, "Don’t tell me what to do!" Yikes. About 10 minutes later, the coach attempted to replace this player with a substitute. She refused to come out, and the coach backed down. About two minutes later, he did send a sub on the field for the girl. She ran off the field in tears and instead of going to her team bench went to a grassy area near a goal where she stayed for the rest of the half with her father.

I’m flying to Anaheim soon on United. Based on the multiple commercials I have seen over the past few weeks, can I send my bags for free on Southwest?

On to the links:

Seth broke down the Penguins record against the top third, middle third, and lower third of the NHL. Interesting stuff. [Empty Netters]

I have no recollection of Pens coach Scotty Bowman switching goalies Ken Wregget and Wendell Young ON THE FLY! [PSAMP]

A profile of Garrett Jones [New York Times via the PBC Blog]

Pat toured Pirate City. [WHYGAVS]

Have a good day, and remember, let my people go!

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