Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I Am Not A Scientist

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

Created by OnePlusYou

I have a graduate degree, and I attend trivia night as often as I can. Generally, I think that I'm fairly smart. However, a D+ grade on an eighth grade science quiz is not my crowning moment. I know that there are smart people who read this blog. Please take the quiz yourself and see if you can do better than me.

Please note that this does not count as Trivia Tuesday which will appear tomorrow.

h/t Ngewo's World

Finally, don't forget that the "My Tale of Two Cities" screening at the U.S. Capitol Hill Visitor's Center is tomorrow (Tuesday, March 23rd) evening. Tickets are free, but RSVPs are required to reserve seats which are limited. Please email Jamie Silverman at with contact information to receive a ticket. There is more information about the event in my previous post and you can find out more about the film and other upcoming screenings in Pittsburgh, Boston and Del Ray, Florida at the My Tale of Two Cities website.


Gilahi said...

This was fun. I missed 2 and made a "B". In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I took every available science course in high school and majored in the sciences for a time in college.

nichole said...

Wow - a D-

Thought I would do better, but some of those questions were hard.

Christine said...

I received a C. I blame it on the baby sucking brain cells from me. : )

Cotter said...

Dude, I got a D+ too!

Of course, I only took ONE science class in college (unless political science counts), and it's widely regarded (by me) as my weakest subject.

Still, if I ever have kids, it better be with Marie Curie incarnate, or their homework grades may suffer miserably...

Hand of Godard said...

76% Wooo!

Sean said...

Cotter & Nichole - I'm glad that I'm not alone! If I ever need to phone a friend for a science question, I'm calling Gilahi! Christine and Hand of Godard receive honorable mentions!

tecmo said...

I'll take my 73% and C.

For science at liberal arts St Vincent, you needed two courses, with lab. Had to take Physics for Non-Physics Majors and Astronomy. Astronomy was cool because St V has a small planetarium.

I was a very average student in sciences courses throughout high school and college. This test summed it up.