Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Would You Say?

Let’s play a game. Say you are a soccer referee and you give a red card to a 14 or 15 year-old kid from a New Jersey team for using offensive language. Yes, he said some bad words that were loud enough for you and several other players to hear, so the kid had to go. (This is cut and dry; no debates on this one.) Let’s also say that the father of said kid comes up to you after the game and asks for an explanation. You calmly explain that he was kicked out for bad language and start walking away. The Dad’s response: we drove 7 hours for this!

Forgetting professionalism for a second, what would you tell the parent?

1. Well, maybe if you looked at a map, it wouldn’t have taken you 7 hours to get from South Jersey to Northern Virginia.

2. Delaware. (and nod knowingly)

3. Your kid should have watched his f-ing language!

4. Here’s your chance to add your own response. Have fun!


Captain Easychord said...

I suspect the seven hours comment might be round-trip driving time as opposed to one way? that would kinda make more sense...

in any case, I'd ask the guy to warn you about the distance travelled beforehand next time so that you can apply the special "I drove for seven hours" rules to his kid's team...

nichole said...

I like #1 and Easychord's response as well.

I would also add - Perhaps junior should ride the 7 hours back with a bar of soap in his mouth so the next trip won't be in vain.