Sunday, May 10, 2009

Capitals Fans Game Five Reactions

For your viewing pleasure, here are some posts from the Washington Capitals message board following the team's game 5 loss to the Penguins (with some comments from me in bold):

Dear Ted,, I'd like a refund.

by CapsLockNLoad

Dear Ted,

Please cancel my season tickets for next season. If I wanted tickets to scripted battles of grown men hitting each other and over hyped feudds, I would have bought wrestling tickets.

Sean's note: Just rent The Wrestler instead. It's only $1 through Redbox and is much cheaper than Caps season tickets. Mickey Rourke is great!

Ted can you Please Complain to the Media, We the fans will Pay for your Fine!!

by Fishredcap18

Ted can you please complain to the media about the fixed/bias Reffing whatever you want to call it? Pittsburgh complains to the media and gets the calls. The DC media, POST News etc will never complain about it. They will look the other way. Pittsburgh has twice as many power plays as the Caps in this series. They are getting the benefit of the doubt. Pittsburgh has PP in OT on the Road and the Caps get NO PP in OT. Was their opportunity to call on a penatly on Pitt in OT? on The game winning breakaway was completely due to a NON CALL. You can't tell me the Refs don't favor one team. Look at Game 7 last year. What is the point of buying Playoff tickets when the Refs are going to have an influence on the outcome of the game?? Their is no punishment in league for poor officiating. Ted please make a stink about it publicly and not just on your blog. We the fans will back you up and pay any fine that you might acquire from the league. Something must change.


I'd love to see Ted get fined by the league, and in response, raise season tickets by $100 per ticket and explain that the increase is to help pay the fine. I'm sure that will go over well.

The caps played great tonight but they aren't as good as the Penguins

by HckyFan

That appears to be the case. The owner will have all kinds of spin and happy talk but the fact is that the Caps aren't ready for prime time. Semin hasn't shown up. Green has turned into a head case. They have no secondary scoring to speak of in this series. The defense over all is highly suspect. They don't have a chance Monday, not a chance. And it isn't the refs, although I have no doubt that the NHL is doing what they can to get pittsburgh into the finals.

by SeminOMG


It's Stalin's fault the Caps lost the past three games.

Can one of us PLEASE punch Crosby?

by Scrabbleship

I'm tired of seeing us choke. I want Crosby's face re-arranged so he will be too fugly to be the face of the league. We should do that if we have any souls which nobody in western Pennsylvania has.

Kill me now...

by Light the red light

How are we going to do that,None of our guys can catch him.

by SamsDog

Isn't that conspiracy to commit murder? Call the state police, damn it.

by Cloverfield37

If Brash is leaving anyway, why not go all out and get him Dale H style after he scores?


by Capsfaninbc

Cause he never did anything to warrant a penalty, he established body position and never moved forward into Gordon.......Boyd simply fell down after running into the was a good non-call.

NOT why we lost tonight, too many no shows once again is why....and maybe Don Cherry is right for once....CUT YOUR HAIR MIKE GREEN! IT AINT HELPING!

So, are you REALLY surprised?

by Kit_Fisto

Ask yourself in your heart of hearts if you're actually surprised by this? It's been scripted since the Canes got lucky vs the Devils with a min left. You KNEW it was coming if you're have been a Caps fan longer than the Ovechkin era.

Like I said befor the day the Caps wina cup is the year they do NOT face the Pens in the playoffs. You could put Crosby, Malkin, Chara, Pronger and Patrick Roy in his prime on our current team and face the Pens if they called up their entire AHL team and we would still lose the series.

again, are you really, actually surprised by this? I'm not. People call me overly negative and tell me to Hey off because I face reality before it happens. Whatever people.

This makes no sense to me. Why would these players be on the Caps? Plus, Crosby and Malkin would only be 12 if he was playing with Roy in his prime. Of course the Penguins' AHL team would defeat 12 year-olds.

by Atomic

Well you do realize the Penguins defense is a lot better than the Capitals defense.

by Bodycheck

Pittsburgh was the better team in 4 of 5 games and because of that they had the lead now in this series and they deserve it . We got outplayed in every single game and Varlamov hadn't kept us with big saves in the game tonight. I hope Theodore is in net on monday and I hope he has a better rebound control than Varlamov.

You really want Theodore? Have you watched him play this season?

by KolzigandOvechkinThatsAllUNeed

I really want to say I'm not surprised, but I just can't shake it, I mean it was the same thing with the Ravens, I was all excited they were beating the Steelers, and then haha just kidding, we aren't going too. I guess I just really really despise the pens, thats why I am surprised. I should probably by now learn to not expect a lot, but I can't help it... why?

Yes, it's the vast Pittsburgh conspiracy. The fate of world depends on the success of Pittsburgh sports teams. I guess you already expect the Pirates to win 3 of 4 against the Nationals next week?

Game six is Monday night at 7:00.

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