Monday, May 11, 2009

To Twitter or Not to Twitter

I’d like to try something new at Sean’s Ramblings where I’ll occasionally bring up a topic for debate.* Today’s topic: Twitter. I have previously written that I don’t understand the appeal of Twitter. I think that you’re limited to a certain number of characters and that seems rather arbitrary to me. However, to be fair, I really don’t know how Twitter works. When someone tweets (is that what the cool kids call it?), do you get an e-mail or text message? Is this entire thing similar to the status update on Facebook?

Since several folks have told me that I should have a Twitter account (page?), I thought I would open up the debate. I’d like to hear from those pro-Twitter folks about why it is good and whether or not I should start an account. Conversely, are there folks that are anti-Twitter or think that this is just a waste of time?

* I should also come up with a cool name for these debates. Battle Royal seems a little much.


lacochran said...

Most things are just a waste of time. That's not an argument not to do them. :)

Christine said...

I do not Tweet. I do not see the need to know what everyone is doing at all times - just seems like overkill to me. If I really need to know, I'd rather call and chat - I know that makes me sound crazy to some, but there it is.

tiny350Z said...

I enjoy it. Though I don't "tweet" all that much - since I am busy at work, and have refused to turn on the computer at home... It is a good way to get quick updates from friends and news outlets.

For your blog, it is a good way to 1) possibly get more readers and 2) broadcast to your followers that you have put up a new post.

It's not often that people actually broadcast (i don't like saying "tweet") what they are actually doing. They often say something they feel that a large group of people should hear...