Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Links and Videos

I haven't provided links in a while so even though some of these may be a week or two old, they are definitely worth checking out:

- LiLu welcomes two kittens to the family, Murray and Axe Murderer. Awesome names!

- Behind the Steel Curtain presents the Steelers projected 53-man roster. Yes, it is still early May.

- PSAMP has another China Jack video, this week's featuring a toast to Sally Wiggin.

- Cotter's Meeting People is Easy featured an amazing 17 panelists (and I wasn't one of them). [One for the Other Thumb]

- RizzoSports Blog scored an interview with Victoria Azarenka, a future tennis star from Belarus.

Finally, NBC4 here in Washington features on update about the Jewish Jordan. Did you know he plays for the Heat?

And this just in...a new Yinz Luv da Guins video:

In my mind, game one didn't fully happen since I didn't watch the game. The Penguins-Capitals series starts Monday!

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LiLu said...

And trust me, Axe Murderer is living up to her name. She ALWAYS wins their fights!